Integrated solutions

Our services include state-of-the-art technology, skilled workforce, and customizable processes to match the specificities of any data-entry need. Overtime, our aim is to have the paper’s carbon footprint compensation being an indivisible part of our service.

Large amounts of data

Today, Crunch keys more than 100 000 documents a month. Yet, scalability is at the heart of our solution, which was designed to key up to several millions of documents every month.

Unstructured documents

Our core business is data-entry, and our specialty is to handle unstructured documents. Thus, we deal with documents in which information does not follow a pre-defined data model nor is organized in a predictable manner. Our solution efficiently extracts data, numbers, dates and facts from text-heavy documents where traditional computer programs fail at automating data extraction.

Paperwork Flood: overwhelmed by data on unstructured documentspaper collect to structure your data thanks to data entry process