Business approach

Performance and efficiency

Crunch’s strength is to offer an industrial solution to deal efficiently with massive volumes of complex unstructured documents (up to 100 000 + per month). At Crunch, efficiently means:
Short document cycle time (3 days on average)
High accuracy of input (at least 99.5%).

Transparency in real time

At Crunch we think real-time monitoring is key for customers, managers and employees alike. Our dashboards are available to them on computers, tablets, smartphones, and even TV screens in the office. They are connected to the Document Flow Manager for accurate real-time performance indicators.

Flexibility of the solution

Developed using the Agile methodology, Crunch’s solution have been designed to be flexible and adapt fully and easily to our customer’s needs. This enables us to ensure:

  • Quick set-up: Our Data Entry platform can be quickly customized to your project.
  • Reactive evolutions: any new needs or new business rules will be integrated easily.

Extensibility and evolution

Crunch’s solution has been designed to be robust enough to absorb several millions of documents every month (a lot more than the volume we are dealing with right now).